Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I've not been updating my blog since last Friday because the laptop is not around.
Bro took it for vacation!
And now! he is back!
I can now update my blog!

Anyway, Good Morning everybody!
Today is the 1st day of SPM!
I hope she can do well!
I pray for her yooo!
She have been worrying bout this and so am I...
Because she think too much sometimes. Well, its normal, but, still I will give my full support for her!
We might not meeting each other during this exam fever!
But nvm! I insisted not to meet because I want her to concentrate revising..
But she said, depends and see how it goes..
I hope to see her actually.... But what to do?? right, bi??

Hope you do well dear! I love you!

Friday, November 13, 2009

The phrase that inspires me to pursue my dreams!

Every time I go to my college library, I will always have a look at the glass of the discussion room..
Because, there is this phrase that I think is very meaningful for every student who is learning, not only the one who is in their tertiary education but high schools students perhaps.
which is:

"Today a reader, tomorrow a leader" by Margaret Fuller.

Although I have no idea who she is, but I am pretty sure that they is some sort of top philosopher in the world!

 No idea what to write already! 
SO, I will write another better post tomorrow!
About some random stuffs in college and some new photos!
Anyway, tomorrow i am meeting herr!!!!
and hopefully I am getting a blackberry tomorrow! 
Pray for me everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

MJ, The King of Pop

Just got back from the theater.
Watched my childhood idol, "MJ This is it" with foo.
Looks like gay partner! only both of us!
Since others are not interested to watch MJ!
but i still make it and finally watched it!

This is it!

One of my favorite post!

For me, the movie is awesome!
wish to watch again!
I dun mind watching it again yooo.. haha do ask me for it pls!
It really worth my 7 bucks man...
He is 50 and he can still dance like he was 20 man!!!
He sing like an angel mannn!!
thumbs up MJ! 
We love you!
R.I.P. legend!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meant for Nazir Tay!

Hey man! I am so sorry that i can't attend your birthday celebration on Monday!
It is because i have to rush my assignments. 
Refer to my previous post and you will know everything in detail.
ANYWAYs, I am here to wish you Happy Birthday and wish you all the best!
You are 19 man! stop sin ka lan edi!
haha.. Big boy dun SIN KA always!
lol... haha.. kidding man!

Heres a birthday song for you man!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to NAZIR!
Happy birthday to you!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Crazy Meetings and Assignmenting Spree!

OMG! finally one presentation is over.
Everything started on last thursday, I've having meetings with my group mates for 4 days non stop. However, it was a whole day and night meetings. It was freaking tiring and this really makes me lack of sleep, pimples, BIG eye bag and spent a lots of money!
Here you go! From last Thursday!

Thursday, 5th of Nov.

As usual, it was a typical thursday dough...
Went for class around 12 -3 pm...
and stayed back for discussion for today's presentation.
However, it ended up fucked up because we cant think of the concept yet! and 2 other members couldn't make it to the discussion... so, only left me, Az and Uma for the discussion!
Luckily my dad were able to fetch me back home.. other wise i need to take a cab alone and it will cost me 16BUCKS!

Overall = thursday was sucks! becuz stayed back for nothing.

Friday, 6th Nov.

It was friday yo! I was quite happy once i got up from sleep because today i am meeting her
No meeting or discussion today and i decided to go somewhere and chill with my frenz as it will be the only day i can enjoy myself before having Hectic Assignment Fever! 
Luckily, i managed to watch PHOBIA 2 and went to yum cha in MZ right after that! 
Anyway, the movie is not bad for me. just that the 1st and 2nd story is really sucks and the 3rd, 4th and 5th rox! 
The show managed to scare the shit out of FOO and BEN i think! haha!
Oh yea.. that night, was the night Joseph influence us to blog yo!
It was a success kin weng! Most of us are blogging now!
Mission Accomplished!


Saturday, 7th Nov.

Today is the day when shits started!!
Got up at 11.30 am (not enuf wehh!) and as usual went coll with Han Ling.
We are the earlist to reach college on time as the meeting should starts at 12.
But, seems like the others are late! So, no choice and we have to wait for them at Starbucks.
Around 1.30 pm, everybody were there already and we began our discussion!
Think Hard and Think the Shit out of our Brain and still the concept doesn't come out and the other 2 WOMEN (Fo and Uma) went out of the track for the whole day.
discussing half way and they will go talking about random stuffs (eg. Harry Potter, Chanel no.5 perfume and gossiping about a lady's dressing sense and her body figure!). 
OMG! I wish i have a gun that time!
(Don't mind "Women", i am not blaming u girls but this is what happened that day! haha)

Overall = It SUCKS! kinda wasting too much of time! Should have cover up a lots of things today! 

Sunday, 8th of Nov.

I slept around 5 am on Saturday and I have to wake up around 11 again! Guess what! 
Meeting at 12 again!
We are the earliest to reached there again!
We waited for 2 hours and the meeting started at 2.30! 
No point waking up so early to get my ass there on time!
Punctuality is important yoo!
Stoned and brainstorming for the whole and "nothing is coming"!
After for some times, the concept finally came out after 3 days of meeting! WTF right???
Lots more to do man!!!!!!
This is only for the day!
On the Phone with Her after the meeting!

Depressed + exhausted = Deep Shit


How about night??? 
I reached home around 5 something from college and I have to go out again to have another group of meeting!!!!
As the date of presentation is getting nearer and nearer, so no choice! 
No freaking time to take some rest! 
Got back home around 3 something! 
Sleeps late again and have to wake up very early the next day!

Overall: SUCKS AGAIN!!!!!!! That day was SUCKS!!!!!!! 
I need some rest yoo!!!

Monday, 9th Nov.

Woke up at 8.30 am because I have to take LRT to college today!!!!!
No transport! 
It's being a long time I did not take public transport already!
I've forgotten the last time I take public transport!
Seems like there is some changes now.

AGAIIIINNNNN!!!! me and Han Ling the earliest to reach college!
Wait WAit wait and WAIT!!!!!!!
I thought we would finish up things very fast today!
However it ended up FUCKED UP AGAIN!!!!
I was in my college's library working out for the presentation for freaking 7HOURS
and need to continue doing it in Az's house!
Another 7+ HOURS again in his house just for discussion and brainstorming!!!!!!!!

Discussion in Az's House

I am really exhausted man!!!!
I couldn't stand it!!!!!!!!!
Around 4.50am, Fo sent us to Maluri as I said me and Han Ling can get a cab there.
Its freaking 5am man!!! Double charge!!!
Ended up, reached home around 5.30am and woke up at 6.30am!!! For presentation!!!!!
1 hour of sleep!!!

Overall = SUCKIEST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hectic Assignments Fever!

Pheww.... it have been a crazy rushing assignments period for me.
As usual, the 1st thing and the most important thing to do in Creative Execution Production, we have to come out with a creative concept for the overall campaign, product or company.
By creating a concept is seriously not an easy task to do.
It takes a few weeks to get a good concept for it and yet, we need to get approval from our "favorite" lecturer, Alicia Chong for our concept.
Therefore, once your concept is not being accepted, no execution can be done.
This is the reason why i always need to do things last minute. Is that our idea keep being rejected by her.
Maybe her expectations to her student is very high. So yea, Lets work hard peeps!

However, There is still 4 pending assignments to be done.
This is really killing me man!
I am the group leader for 2 important assignments summore! 2 words "Die Hard" (sei Ngang)
Being a leader is not easy dough. I need to deal with a lot of challengers.
Need to make sure that everything we do is on the right track or else, once again "Die Hard"!
So, lets pray for me pls!
Hope i wont die so soon!

the end for this post! Stay Tuned!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Let's get it started yo...!

Name: Vinz Low
Sex: Male of course!!
Age: 19 
Occupation: An advertising student
Location: Cheras, KL!

My very first post in my brand new blog!
Honestly, i never think that i would be having a blog of myself.
One of my bro, Joseph Lee(the founder) suggested all of us to actually try this. 
I don't know why am i doing this actually. But, most of us had already stepped out and created it.
Unexpectedly, JJ(jie jong) is the 1st person to do this...
So yeahh.. i am joining the game here yoo!

I am a typical teenager here.
Nothing special about me.
My life is pretty simple, as i sleep, have fun, listen to music, party and more.( Its what everybody do )
Maybe, this is an opportunity for me to do more writing as what Marge(lecturer) said, as a good account executive, you must be able to write a lots of brief i the advertising industry.
So yeahh, STOP procastinating and start writing! VINZ!

Therefore, hope to enjoy blogging!

The Sanguine!